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How, away ?

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Friend: Everytime you reblog or post anything Tom Hiddleston related a puppy dies

Me: (cries in corner )

Friend: I was just kidding

Me: ( still crying ) Why would you say that






This interview almost killed.  The end was just chaotic.

Mark was pressing all the buttons, then Chris joined in, then Tom.  Tom hi-jacked the joystick and almost broke it at some point.  I just couldn’t breathe.

Fucking 5 year olds….

Why the fuck have I not seen this before??!!!!!!!!! AWESOME

Someone post the source link!!

your wish is my command [x]

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it is rather clear to me that Loki’s dream is to be a magical girl and as his fans we should support him in anyway we can.

This is a discussion I had with a friend today

I just got really hyped because I just saw a guy who looks exactly like Bucky Barnes at the 24/7 market by my house


Hiddleston Drinking Game:

1 every time he quotes Shakespeare

2 every time he blesses some one

3 every time he says sorry

This would be great for someone who wants to get shit faced in 10 seconds

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